PI Magazine 9-10-21

Can I Get a Witness?

Testimonials are your secret weapons


Most Private Investigation websites and marketing materials do not include testimonials. What a shame. Some of those that do, have testimonials that fail to address their target audience’s fears and needs.

To put it simply, testimonials should help your prospect get to know, like and trust you. The thinking is that if attorney Black thinks that you are the best thing since sliced bread and is very specific how you met Black’s needs, then attorney White will see that, and it will reinforce White’s decision to use your services. With testimonials, you are helping the prospect make their decision by using the words of someone they could trust and who walked this road before them.

Okay, that is what you should do and why. Here is how you should do it:


You have just received a check with a nice thank you note from a client in your target audience.

You send them an email that reads:

Hi Edna (or Ed):

I just received your check for the Hoda v Chudzy case and your kind words. I was hoping to use this assignment as a testimonial for my website and brochures.

I have made it easy for you to provide me with one. It should only take a moment. As I recall, you told me that you had a trial date looming and needed to contact a witness who you just learned about. All your attempts to locate the witness had failed. I answered the phone on the second ring, and we talked about your needs. By talking about your case, I teased out other co-workers of the witness. I located one of the co-workers who told me where the witness’s ex-wife lived. I spoke to her, and she told me the witness was on probation and living in another county. I contacted the witness at his next probation appointment and served him with a subpoena for his appearance. His information was crucial for your case. Just to be sure, may I use your last name and title in the testimonial. I will send it to you for review and approval.



Jack (of Jackie), Owner

Brass City Investigations


A day later…….


Hi Edna (or Ed)


Here is the testimonial, I hope you like it.


“I had a trial date in 12 days and just learned about a witness whom I could not find. I got ahold of Jack (or Jackie) at Brass City Investigations right away and they combined their people skills and computer skills, and not only did they find the guy living in Springfield, but they were also able to serve him in time. His testimony made all the difference at trial, and my client was ecstatic. The work was professional, performed quickly and the bill was exactly what they quoted.


Edna (or Ed) Jablocknicki, Attorney at Law


If you agree, I will use this in my brochures and on my website


Thanks again,


Jack (or Jackie) Owner

Brass City Investigations.


You can pick up that the investigator emphasized the need of finding the witness quickly. The PI communicated with the lawyer and learned more (investigative partner v lead runner) By doing so, a favorable result made for an ecstatic client. Job was done professionally, on time and on budget. This is what the prospect wants to see Social Proof of. It makes the prospect’s decision easier. If the PI can do that for Attorney XYZ, they can do it for me.


If for some arcane reason, you have trouble with putting words in your client’s mouth, I have a plan B


Hi Edna:


Thank you for your kind words that you included with the check on the Hoda v Chudzy case.

I am glad the case worked out well for you. Could I impose on you for a minute to provide me with a testimonial? I want to use it for my website and a brochure that I am working on.

Could you describe the problem you were facing, how easy it was for you to contact me, and how quickly we brainstormed a game plan and budget? Can you describe what we did for you and how it helped alleviate your problem? How did it make you or your client feel? Can you say how happy you were with our speed, attention to detail and pricing?

That would be wonderful. This will help us find more great clients like you.




Jack, Owner

Brass City Investigations


This plan B template is helpful with how you craft the first email. It focuses you and your client on the need, how the need was addressed, and the result. A prospect can look at that and say, “Yeah, I want to pick up the phone and call Brass City right now.”


The first thing I look for when I start working with a new coaching client is the testimonials on their website. Then I look to see if the website has a target audience and whether or not the marketing copy speaks to the target audience’s needs.

If you are launching your PI business and do not have testimonials from persons in your target audience, ask people who know you from your present job or previous positions. Ask them to give you one or two sentences about:


  1. Your integrity
  2. Your professionalism
  3. Your ability to solve problem with examples
  4. How well you communicate
  5. Your ability to overcome obstacles with examples
  6. Your ability to think out of the box.


*HINT. Language on your About page or in your brochures where you say why you are different from the average bear should include these topics as well. This is what a prospect needs to see.


Testimonials are the life’s blood of your website or your marketing materials. What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em.