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Burt Hodge began his career as an investigator after graduating from Florida State University in 1978 with a degree in criminology. After working in the insurance claims investigations sector for several years, he opened State Information Bureau in 1985. His agency conducts a variety of investigations, from record retrieval to backgrounds, interviews, locations, personal injury, and wrongful death investigations. Burt specializes in personal injury and defective product investigations for the plaintiff. He has been licensed by the State of Florida as a private investigator since 1981. Burt has served in a variety of positions in several professional associations. He was a two-term president of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators and also held other board positions for almost ten years. He served two terms as the national director of the National Association of Legal Investigators after having completed two terms as its Region 3 director. Burt is a recipient of the Al Stone Award for Excellence presented by the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators. He was also designated Investigator of the Year for 2006 by the Florida Board of Certified Investigators. Burt is a member of a number of investigative associations, including FALI, NALI, ACFE, NABI, TALI, NCISS, ISPLA, and Intellenet.

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