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Our guest this week is Michael Spencer. At 29 years old Mike moved from Florida back to the San Francisco Bay Area in late 1994. He realized he wasn’t going to achieve his dream job as a newspaper reporter for a major daily paper.

He had a cheap apartment, a pantry of rice and beans, and a $500 1970’s Dodge Dart that worked….sometimes. One day he answered a help-wanted ad in the Oakland Tribune for a workers compensation claims investigator position. He never looked back. So he has trashed many more cars in his two-decade career as a private detective. He has lived to tell about it and tell about it he did.

Mike’s book, Private Eye Confidential is part memoir, part trove of lurid true cases. Spencer, who has a degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, tells of stories with a journalist’s eye for facts and details. Tales of love, death, justice, deceit, comedy, and vengeance spill from his short, accessible, and compelling book. He tells us stories of a man who wanted to prove his paternity from a frozen tampon, and a man hidden from society while large fortunes awaited, a grieving mother who wanted to make sure her tragedy didn’t happen again. The book also has its share of cheating husbands, felonious wrestlers, some hidden Florida crime, and inveterate scammers. It’s our pleasure to welcome to the show today Mike Spencer

Private Eye Confidential: Stories from a Real P.I.

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