Custom-Designed For Every Neeed

One-on-One Coaching

Every session is focused on your specific needs. We will have an agenda to discuss your progress and plans. This is not therapy. Each session is recorded and is sent to you immediately with an after-action report and task list. Email check-ins keep you on track. One-hour, Five-hour and Ten-hour blocks provide flexible discounting. The focus is on growing your business with identifying your target audience, speaking to their needs and developing a plan for Private Investigator Marketing

Group Coaching

Every quarter we start a twelve-week course with a small group of similar needs clients: Launching, Marketing or Boosting a PI Business. We meet every other week. Every session is recorded and sent out immediately for review. There is homework. The pricing is affordable. The lessons come straight from my specific book on the topic and are presented with more real-life examples. Our group dashboard allows for comments and cross-talk to enrich the experience.

Private Investigator Marketing
Growing a PI Business

MasterMind Group

MasterMind Groups are by invite only and take place on the first Wednesday night of every month. There are an East Coast time group and West Coast time group with a limit of four members to the group. Mr. Hoda will serve as facilitator. Each member has a proven track record of performance and task completion from either the one-on-one coaching or group classes. We learn from each other what works, what is not working and what the latest technology is to make our work easier and more profitable.


This is a single-issue deep dive 90-minute session on such issues as Website Design, Marketing plans, Systems, Process, Marketing Copy. Identifying Critical Numbers (KPI) Drawing from 24 years of constant learning and improvement, the coaching will be laser-focused on changes and tweaks to your existing customer acquisition, retention and up-sell, cross-sell opportunities.

complete book on the business of Private Investigations

30 MINUTE FREE CALL- ALL TIMES EASTERN Determine what approach fits your needs and your budget. We will determine if we are a good fit and how to proceed towards promoting your business survival and growth.




Attendees to their favorite State Association conferences with have the ability to sign up for an 8-hour pre-conference special. The One-Page Marketing Plan is a fast-moving, fun, small-group experience led by Coach, Trainer, and 22-year veteran Private Investigator, John A. Hoda. Big picture concepts are explained in easy to digest chunks, classmates interact with each other in small groups and by the end of the day, you will have a working document that is specific to your needs, personality, and budget.


Recorded coaching, group coaching, custom coaching, and conference training sessions will be made available in live webinar events where the attendees will be able to post questions.

I’m proud to say that I’ve landed a new criminal defense attorney using your techniques.  I “cold called” him, he replied, and agreed to receive a flat rate fee sheet by email.  He called last week and I just skip traced and served a subpoena for one of his cases. 

I’m sure I would have sent this email much sooner if I hadn’t been so darned busy with my regular work.  However I can definitely say that your methods work and I’ll continue using them every time my schedule lightens up.

I contacted John A. Hoda after listening to one of his many Podcasts back in 2018.  At that time, John gave me sound advice as I began to transition from retiring as a law enforcement officer to opening my own private investigative agency in 2019.  When John started The PI Coach, I jumped at the opportunity to pick his brain some more.  Through several sessions, John took notes and listened to the direction I wanted to take my new practice.  In just a few sessions we covered areas that I had not really explored, nor fully understood.  These areas encompassed marketing, customer generation, targeting specific clients and integrating networking tools to assist with my marketing strategies.  Over the course of several sessions, John helped me learn and understand PI marketing and how to implement these new strategies into my business. Since my first session with John, client contacts have increased and the marketing strategies that I was initially fumbling with now have clear direction and purpose to generate future business.  John is a wealth of knowledge that I only scratched the surface learning.  If you are just starting out or would like to learn from someone who has spent years in this industry, I would recommend they partner with John to learn from his many years of experience and knowledge in the PI industry "
"After reading John's book 'How to Market your Private Investigation Business,' he started coaching me. I began with no direction for driving the growth of my business. John gave me a marketing road map to follow which included helping me re-think my web site strategy. I used his phone call scripts verbatim, and within 30 days they brought in new work worth thousands of dollars. Thanks, John!"