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Today’s guest is Frank Scalise who writing under the pen name of Frank Zafiro. Frank served in the U.S. Army from 1986-91 in Military Intelligence as a Czechoslovak linguist. In 1993, he became a police officer in Spokane, Washington. During his career, he worked as a patrol officer, corporal, and detective before entered into leadership roles, becoming a sergeant in 2002. He was fortunate enough to command patrol officers, investigators, K-9 officers (and their dogs!), and the SWAT team. Frank retired from law enforcement in 2013 as a captain in order to write full time and to teach. From 2013-17, he taught law enforcement subject matter at the community college and university, and leadership as a national instructor for a prominent police institution. He also occasionally teaches a series of writing workshops. Frank earned a BA in History from Eastern Washington University in 1998, and an MS in Administration of Justice from the University of Louisville in 2012. Frank has held the #1 author spot for police procedurals on Amazon. Frank’s books are available in all formats — paperback, ebook, and audiobook. Frank began writing seriously at about thirteen. In 1995, he started a draft of Under A Raging Moon, which would become the first book in the River City series of crime fiction. Since then, Frank has completed multiple novels set in River City, a fictional version of Spokane, Washington.

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