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Jean Mignolet is the owner of Mignolet Business Research Consultants based in Fort Lauderdale for over 30 years. She is a certified Florida License Private Investigator with experience in law enforcement, criminal defense, and civil investigations. She is a pioneer in electronic information gathering and became a Subject Matter Expert in Open Source Investigative Techniques. When Ms. Mignolet lost a family member in the Towers on September 11; she was recruited by a Dept. of Homeland Security contractor to help design and train law enforcement investigators and analysts around the country within a terrorism prevention workshop. Ms. Mignolet showed how “Pieces of the Evidence Puzzle” can be found in open source and proprietary databases. Returning to her core investigative business these past couple of years, she was a team leader in developing the investigative action plans for the BP fraud cases. The majority of her investigations are now in-depth background investigations or due diligence on people and businesses for attorneys, businesses, and individuals.

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