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Rory McMahon has had a distinguished career for 30 years as a Legal Investigator, owner of McMahon & Associates Detective Division in Ft. Lauderdale since 2001; Educator, Adjunct Professor and Dept. Chair – Private Investigative Services Program for seven years at a private college in Ft. Lauderdale, offering an Associate’s Degree, with a major in Private Investigation. He has conducted seminars, training sessions and spoken at Professional Association Conferences throughout the US for the past 20+ years. He authored the Guide to Professional Investigation (published May 2020) and Fraud Investigation ..3rd Edition, (2018) and Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, 3rd Edition, (CRC Press 2013). Prior to becoming a Licensed Investigator McMahon was in Federal Law Enforcement for 12 years. Rory, through his company, Investigation Education Consultants (IEC) is proud to announce the creation of the Online Investigation Training (OIT) website:

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