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Julian Sher is an award-winning investigative journalist in TV, print, radio, and on the Web. He is a veteran TV documentary writer and director as well as an accomplished newsroom trainer and the author of six widely-acclaimed books. He has been an investigative journalist for Canada’s two leading newspapers, The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. He was the Senior Producer of CBC’s the fifth estate, Canada’s premier investigative TV program for five years.A recognized expert on the justice system and crime, Julian Sher has been a keynote speaker at several leading law enforcement conferences. He co-authored two books on outlaw motorcycle gangs, The Road to Hell and Angels of Death: Inside the Biker’s Global Crime Empire, was been hailed as “a devastating indictment of the gangs’ drug-running and racketeering across three continents” and has been translated into several languages and sold in seven countries. As a newsroom trainer, Julian has taught journalists at CNN, the BBC, and in newspapers and TV networks across Canada. He has also trained in Kosovo for the Canadian International Development Agency, and in the African countries of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, and Nigeria for the World Bank. He also consulted for the OECD in Paris and UNICEF in New York.

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