I contacted John A. Hoda after listening to one of his many Podcasts back in 2018.  At that time, John gave me sound advice as I began to transition from retiring as a law enforcement officer to opening my own private investigative agency in 2019.  When John started The PI Coach, I jumped at the opportunity to pick his brain some more.  Through several sessions, John took notes and listened to the direction I wanted to take my new practice.  In just a few sessions we covered areas that I had not really explored, nor fully understood.  These areas encompassed marketing, customer generation, targeting specific clients and integrating networking tools to assist with my marketing strategies.  Over the course of several sessions, John helped me learn and understand PI marketing and how to implement these new strategies into my business. Since my first session with John, client contacts have increased and the marketing strategies that I was initially fumbling with now have clear direction and purpose to generate future business.  John is a wealth of knowledge that I only scratched the surface learning.  If you are just starting out or would like to learn from someone who has spent years in this industry, I would recommend they partner with John to learn from his many years of experience and knowledge in the PI industry “