"A Great Coach Brings Out The Best In You By Giving You A Great Playbook That Fits Your Style."

John A. Hoda, Veteran Investigator and Business Coach

"I have a unique process that will get you the results you are looking for."

"A great coach knows how to customize the playbook using the strengths of their quarterback"

"In 90 days, we can launch your business or create a doable marketing plan to attract higher-paying faster-paying clients. Would you like to make $1,000 every working day?"

John A. Hoda, veteran investigator and coach

You Get Everything You Need

to survive and thrive.
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PI Marketing Coaching questions


What do you hope to accomplish with your sessions?

How long have you been in business or are you thinking about launching?
Who is your ideal Target Audience?
What seems to be your greatest difficulty at this time?
How committed are you to identifying and implementing the necessary solutions?

How to Launch Your Private Investigation Business: 90 Days to Lift Off!

Jayne McElfresh, Arizona Licensed PI


“Geared to aspiring investigators who want to launch their own business. “A must-have primer. The techniques can be easily used for individuals wanting to venture out on their own.”

How to Market Your Private Investigation Business: Less Than 5 Hours a Week. Really!

Rick Robertson  Emmy-Award-winning investigative reporter and owner of R3 Investigations, Mesa Arizona

“Guides you step by step on how to implement a replicable and scalable marketing plan for each unique model in the PI industry. “I wish I would have had this book 20 years ago when I was getting started. It would have saved me a lot of time, grief and money. But it’s not too late. It is also packed with great ideas for the existing firm.”

How to Boost Your P I Business Into Orbit: Make $1,000 Every Working Day!

Brandon A. Perron, CCDI Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council


“Expert guidance is given how to grow your business and restore sanity to your work-life balance. “Easy to read, yet very detailed. This book is for anyone who is struggling or has hit the wall. Read with a highlighter in hand.”

How To Rocket Your Private Investigation Business: The Complete Series

Burt Hodge, Former National Director, National Association of Legal Investigators.

“Every aspect of launching, marketing and taking your business to the next level is included in this compilation from the other books. “… meticulously written, covering each and every detail of starting, marketing and growing your investigative business; I mean every detail.”

Private Investigator Marketing
Growing a PI Business
complete book on the business of Private Investigations


Why now?

  • Are you thinking about launching a PI business?
  • Frustrated with expensive and worthless marketing attempts?
  • Weighed down by heavy gravity of just owning your own job?
  1. An insightful coach can cut through the fog and point you down the right road with a workable action plan based upon your personality, style, and budget.
  2. You are not in Pest Control or Pizza Delivery. Even within the PI industry, the business models are wide and varied. A generic biz coach won’t know how to steer away from the minefields.
  3. John A. Hoda is a veteran investigator with a proven track record of success of creating several companies who can tailor a gameplan for you and hold you accountable. John has the benefit of over two decades of trial and error, falling down and getting back up again. He knows the score and how to win the game.
  4. Why now?  Wherever you are on your journey, you can benefit from somebody who has walked this path and has been in your shoes. Without expert advice, you may be wasting valuable time and money.

 A thirty-minute free consultation is all you need to get started.

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John offers One on One Coaching, Group Coaching and facilitates two MasterMind Groups. Find out which fits your style and budget.

John only schedules 12 hours a week. This way he can focus on your needs. The schedule fills up quickly.
Each session has a written agenda. There is room for discussion but it isn’t a  therapy session. You will discuss what you want and what you need to do to achieve your goals. You will agree on the next set of tasks to be performed before your next session. Every session is recorded and will be sent to you immediately with an after-action report and a recap of your task list.
Group coaching follows a set twelve-week plan and repeats the first week of every quarter. There is homework and at the conclusion of the course, you will have your own specific plan.
MasterMind Groups are by invitation only of clients who have proven to be high performers and are looking to take their game to the next level. The two groups are divided into East Coast and West Coast time zones and meet online the first Wednesday night of the month.

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Marketing Your PI Business: How to Survive and Thrive.

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The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements

Gather 35-50% more facts than the typical police-style interview. Veteran investigator John A. Hoda bases this interview technique upon the tenets of cognitive interviewing It has stood scientific scrutiny both in the field and in the laboratory. He combines it with thirty years of solid statement-taking mechanics. Whether the witness has to recall events from a car accident two weeks ago or a murder twenty years ago, the recall techniques taught here are the same and it will surprise you how much more you will learn in less time.